Double Glazing Wimborne

When it comes to topquality double glazing, Wimborne customers need to look no further than Swain & Rands. There are countless benefits to our high-quality, reliable double-glazed units and our team members are here to supply and install them for you, tooYou can give us a call at your earliest convenience on 01202 536 422 to find out more – we look forward to working with you soon! 

Wimborne Double Glazing Installed by Accredited Industry Experts 

Welcome to Swain & Rands, the number one local expert when it comes to double glazing. Wimborne customers, our double glazed windows consist of two sheets of glass with a gap in between that measures at 16 millimetres. 

This creates a very effective insulating barrier that keeps the heat in. We have made this gap even more efficient by adding argon gas to all of our units and only installing Low-E glass for double glazingWimborne, with our products, light and heat will be let in but there will be a limit on how much heat can escape. 

Who doesn’t love the sun shining through their windows during the warm summer months? It’s a beautiful sight but unfortunately, UV rays can eventually end up damaging your furniture items as well as your flooring. With Wimborne double glazing, you can effectively filter out the UV rays and keep their strength to a minimum, thereby ensuring the safety of your possessions! 


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The Best Double Glazing Wimborne Can Get 

Properties that utilise older double glazing in Wimborne may also benefit from a new upgrade from Swain & Rands. This is because some of the older products have become obsolete due to an inferior design and materials as well as broken seals that can cause misting if they’re not replaced. 

When you first get in touch with Swain & Rands, we will listen to your ideas closely to get a comprehensive overview of what you’re trying to achieve and what your budget is. We will then arrange for a convenient time to visit your property. 

Upon arrival, we will carry out a comprehensive inspection to see if your property would be a good candidate for double glazingWimborne clients, once we see the situation first-hand and understand exactly what we’ll be working with, we can inform you on the best course of action to resolve any issues you might be experiencing! 

Is Wimborne Double Glazing the Best Option for My Property? 

Here at Swain & Rands, we know that finding a truly reliable company that can demonstrate a track record of past excellence isn’t an easy taskThankfully, you have now discovered our team that specialises in double glazing in Wimborne and truly stands out from the competition. 

There are numerous benefits to this type of glazing option that you’re going to find highly beneficial functionally, aesthetically as well as financially. This includes all of the following guarantees that other suppliers simply won’t be able to offer to the same standard as Swain & Rands:

  • Comfortable Temperatures Maintained All Year Round 
  • Improved Security 
  • Reduced Energy Costs 
  • Reduced Heat Loss 
  • Reduced UV Rays 
  • And Much More! 

While it’s true that no two requirements are ever exactly the same, our double glazing solutions are generally a suitable option for the vast majority of local properties. There are no identifiable drawbacks that would make homeowners think twice about this type of upgrade, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from reaching out! 

If you would like to speak to someone directly regarding all of the benefits or to book your free site survey with no delayplease don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We are always happy to help, answer your questions and offer you our professional, impartial opinion regarding the realistic achievement of your unique objectives. 

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Reasons to Choose Swain & Rands for Double Glazing in Wimborne 

So, for highquality double glazing Wimborne properties will greatly benefit from, the only choice is Swain & Rands. Our professional team of home improvement specialists offers outstanding services in Wimborne as well as all of the surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us even if you’re based further away as we regularly travel on behalf of our customers to facilitate their requests. 

With a long background in topquality refurbishments and upgrades spanning over 50 years, there is no request that the professional team at Swain & Rands can’t effectively handle. Our service is truly second to none, which our loyal client base wouldn’t hesitate to vouch for! 

ASwain & Rands, we take great pride in all of our installationsRegardless of whether we are installing windows, conservatories, new doors or something else entirely, every project gets our full undivided attention. 

The team at Swain & Rands only utilises the highest quality source materials available on the market that have been ordered from trustworthy industry suppliers with a proven track record of longevity and general excellence. 

Heating bills tend to be one of the biggest costs for homeowners, so our work is very much in demand. Our competitively priced windows will pay for themselves in the long term because of the amount of money that you will save as a result, making them a smart long-term investment for your property! 

The Double Glazing Wimborne Deserves 

When it comes to local double glazing companiesSwain & Rands is the one that delivers competitively priced but highquality units at all timesAs we all know, windows let hot air escape which adds to increased heating bills. 

Recently, British Gas announced their second increase in prices. The long-term proactive action now would be to upgrade to double glazed windows, which will save you money in the long term and bring a lot of added benefits, too! 

With double glazing, we can help you keep your home comfortable all year round and ensure more consistent internal room temperatures. Not only that but double glazed windows also offer a standard of strength that provides improved levels of home security for your complete peace of mind. 

Swain & Rands is proud to have one of the highest ratings in the UK for our services. For example, we’re a 4.9 Which? Trusted Trader. You can trust our experts to always go the extra mile in order to facilitate your request! 

Why People Choose Swain & Rands 

As a responsible supplier with many years of past experience and an unbeatable wealth of industry knowledge, we highly suggest that you research a business thoroughly before inviting them into your home to do any works. 

Our testimonials and recommendations speak for themselves and for Swain & Rands, nothing comes before our customers. Double glazed window installations are what we excel atso pick the best local company that delivers high quality! 

Would you be interested in seeing some of our past work first-hand before you commit to a home improvement project? That is perfectly understandable as everybody should do their research before making a big decision like this. 

For this reason, we have compiled a number of case studies into our online portfolio that perfectly highlight our expertise. We have a separate virtual gallery with numerous high-resolution images from previous projects that our customers have been absolutely delighted by! 

Swain and Rands
Swain and Rands
Swain and Rands

Also Available from Swain & Rands

While we are established experts when it comes to windows, our team members are also qualified and trained to supply and install many other types of products and structuresPlease feel free to get in touch with us if you think your property could benefit from any of the following home improvement solutions, all of which are offered at very affordable prices that won’t break the bank: 

Are you now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt about double glazing being the perfect option for your property and Swain & Rands being the best team for the job? In that case, don’t wait any longer to reach out to us via one of the contact forms outlined below and let’s get the ball rolling! 

Contact Us to Order Your Wimborne Double Glazed Windows Now

When you’re ready to start discussing your requirements and getting a free quote for the project with no obligation to commit, then call us on 01202 536 422 or fill in our contact form to arrange for a callback. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project, using your preferred method! 

Types of Windows

Bay Windows

Bay windows offer an excellent way to fill any living space or dining area with much-needed natural light while creating extra space too.

Composite Windows

Composite windows are a fantastic investment that set the standard for performance, reliability, aesthetics, and thermal efficiency, providing customers with the best of both worlds.

Box Sash Windows

Box sash windows are an excellent choice for customers searching for a safe and secure option. They boast remarkable energy efficiency, are low maintenance, and highly versatile.

Sliding Windows

With less opening space to worry about, sliding windows are a great space-saving option. They boast a stylish yet compact design that offers outstanding performance and reliability.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are an amazing choice for those searching for an energy-efficient option. They are durable, long-lasting, and provide the highest levels of thermal comfort.

Double Glazing

From lowering energy bills to increasing noise reduction levels throughout, double glazing is a fantastic way to save money while creating a home that is safe and warm.

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