Planning Permission for Conservatories

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Planning Permission for Conservatories

Information on Planning Permission for Conservatories

Knowing your Permitted Development Rights as a homeowner can be confusing, though it is always important to know whether or not you need planning permission before installing a new conservatory.

We are a leading supplier and installer of conservatories across Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth. We provide high quality conservatories in a range of styles and colours that are certain to suit your home.

Our Managing Director, Mark Swain, has experience completing bespoke builds for some of the biggest companies in the country. With his and our team of conservatory experts’ combined knowledge, we know all you need to know about planning permission for conservatories.


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Types of Conservatories

P-Shaped Conservatories

Our P-shaped conservatories are perfect for larger, detached properties. This type of conservatory combines the features of a lean-to conservatory and a Victorian one, which can be both 3 and 5 faceted.

Bespoke Conservatories

A bespoke conservatory will be specifically designed to suit all of your personal tastes and requirements. Going bespoke doesn’t mean going broke – our tailored structures are offered at very affordable prices!

Edwardian Conservatories

These types of conservatories are known for their traditional appearance and classic rectangular shape. The perfect choice for homes of any size and style.

T-Shaped Conservatories

With a T-shaped conservatory, you can benefit from a combination style featuring a central projection. It’s a versatile choice as you’ll be able to create two unique spaces within a single room.

Solid Roof Conservatories

Lean-to Roof conservatories benefit from large glass panels that allow for ample natural light to flood your property. Sunlight intake has numerous health benefits, so take advantage of this great option today.

Victorian Conservatories

Perhaps the most enduring and popular design available, Victorian conservatories are a testament to how celebrating tradition is a good idea. Property owners will benefit from the maximisation of natural light and outside views.

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

Technically, the answer is no, because conservatories are considered ‘permitted development’ and therefore do not require planning permission, as long as they adhere to certain conditions:

The width of the conservatory must not exceed half of the original house size. ‘Original house’ refers to the house as it was originally built.

It doesn’t front or obstruct a public road.

The conservatory must be single-story only, with no raised platforms, verandas or balconies.

No more than half of the land around the house can be covered by extensions. This included sheds and conservatories.

It cannot be higher than 4 metres.

A rear extension must not extend past the wall by more than 3m for an attached house and 4m for a detached house*.

If your home has been extended before in the past, you may need planning permission to build a conservatory.

If your building is listed, you may need to seek extra planning permission

The conservatory cannot be higher than the eaves of your existing roof.

*Until 30 May 2019, rear extensions up to 6m for attached houses and up to 8m for detached houses will be permitted through The Neighbour Consultation Scheme. This involves informing your local authority who will then evaluate the possible impact on neighbours and consult with them. If your neighbours object to your extension, the local authority will have to evaluate this and make a decision.

Swain and Rands
Swain and Rands
Swain and Rands

Can I put a conservatory on the front of my house without planning permission?

No, as conservatories are classed as single-story extensions, they are not permitted on the front wall of a house without planning permission from your local authority. This does not mean that it will not be permitted, just that planning permission is required to move forward.

If my house has been extended in the past, can I still build a conservatory without planning permission?

If you, or a previous owner, has made extensions to your property in the past, then your property may have already used up all of its permitted development rights and you will need to seek planning permission from your local council. If you are not sure, they will be able to inform you.

How much does planning permission for as conservatory cost?

An application for planning permission costs £172 for a homeowner in England, though in the case of listed buildings they are exempt from payment.

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