P-Shaped Conservatories Wimborne & Dorset

Ideal for larger properties, P-shaped conservatories combine the lean-to and Georgian style conservatories. From our base in Wimborne, we supply and install home improvements. This includes Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown and the New Forest, and surrounding Dorset areas. Request your quote for P-shaped conservatories online today!

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Spacious P-Shaped Conservatories Wimborne & Dorset

If you’re looking to add a combination of space, style and value in one package, P-shaped conservatories are the perfect choice. Incredibly versatile and able to be constructed in different layouts, they’ll accommodate your home perfectly. The length they provide makes them perfectly suited for dining rooms as well as other practical spaces. Their versatility is excellent.

P-Shaped Design

The unique layout of P-shaped conservatories makes them ideally suited for a number of applications. With a long span, they can comfortably house a dining room, making for a great entertainment space. Having two large areas also makes them very versatile. You can house two separate living areas, making them perfect for families. Find the perfect use for your conservatory today.

Ultraframe Roof

The roof of your P-shaped conservatory is integral to the performance of your extension space. A prime area for thermal performance, an energy efficient roof will ensure a consistently cosy temperature. You can say goodbye to cold winters and boiling summers with our high performance Ultraframe roofs. They’re also secure against even the most extreme Wimborne or further afield weather.

Range of Finishes

While performance of your P-shaped conservatory is vital, so are the aesthetics. Their unique shape makes them a visually appealing addition to your home. Melding the best aspects of a lean-to conservatory with Edwardian style leads to a stylistic statement as much as a practical space. With a large amount of glass in the construction, they’ll be perfectly suited to modern and traditional homes.

Low Maintenance

It won’t take time and money to keep your P-shaped conservatory looking its absolute best. Being made of modern uPVC or aluminium materials, they are built to offer a sturdy and durable solution for your property. Being resistant to the effects of weathering and ageing, you won’t need to treat them regularly. Instead, a simple hosing down every once in a while will keep them looking their best.

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Thermally Efficient P-Shaped Conservatories

For many Wimborne or further afield homeowners, thermal efficiency is a top priority. With a non thermally efficient conservatory, you’ll have to put up with fluctuating temperatures. That means freezing cold winters and boiling hot summers. Being a nightmare to find the right time to use them, this can also be a massive drain on your utility bills. With our P-shaped conservatories, however, this won’t be the case.

Being made of either high grade aluminium or uPVC, our P-shaped conservatories are sure to deliver stunning thermal performance. Paired with an Ultraframe roof, you will enjoy the benefits of excellent energy efficiency. That means you can say goodbye to fluctuating temperatures and uncomfortable seasons. Instead, you’ll have a cosy and toasty home all year round, no matter the weather.

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Stylish Conservatory Spaces

P-shaped conservatories are perfect for homeowners looking to invite natural light into their homes. Featuring a large number of glass portions in their design, sunlight will flood into your home in swathes. Creating a warm and inviting environment for you and your guests, this is sure to highlight your living space’s aesthetics. It can even have the effect of making space seem even larger than it is.

But it’s not just natural light that will highlight your P-shaped conservatory’s aesthetics are. You have a range of customisation options available to make your conservatory space stand out. Choose the perfect finish for your home. There’s a range of woodgrain foils for those who want a more heritage aesthetic. Meanwhile, white and black remain popular colours for the more modern home.

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We have an online quoting toolthat will allow you to request a quote without hassle. This tool removes the possibility of underhand sales techniques. Start your P-shaped conservatory quote today!

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Instead of being badgered by a sales team, we operate a little differently at Swain & Rands. Our Wimborne based team will give all the support and advice you need for your P-shaped conservatory. You can request a callback from our team at a time that suits you.

Finance Options

Our P-shaped conservatories can transform your home. If you want to get started, you could benefit from taking a look at our payment options. We have a range of options that will allow you to spread the cost of payment. View our full range of finance options.


What’s the best way to request a quote?

For a quick and stress free P-shaped conservatory quote, use our online quoting enquiry tool to request your quote. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch either online or over the phone.

What other products do you offer?

In addition to our P-shaped conservatories, we also have a range of Edwardian conservatories, lean-to conservatories, T-shaped conservatories, Gable fronted conservatories and bespoke conservatories.

What accreditation do you have?

Our fittings are smooth and efficient, with full approval from Certass.



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