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High Quality Victorian Conservatories Dorset

Our team of property improvement specialists are one of the leading suppliers and installers of Victorian conservatories in Bournemouth and Poole, offering quality that is second to none.

The Victorian conservatory Dorset residents choose is a style that never goes out of date.

Why Have a Victorian Conservatory?

Some of the most popular and enduring styles of conservatory design are those from the Victorian era. Their popularity is testament to how tradition celebrates a good idea. Conservatories are fundamentally about enjoying natural light and garden views, the Victorian conservatory style maximises both.During the Victoria era, architectural styles celebrated homes as prized assets; a lot of the concentration was placed on adornment and intricate detailing. Victorian conservatories were quite extravagant structures that were influenced by Gothic styles.A conservatory is one of the most versatile rooms a household can have installed. Whether you use it to unwind and relax in the sun, host great dinner parties, enjoy quality family time, install a mini-gym, provide your children with a playroom, a working office space or place to grow plants, you will find that yours has an endless amount of benefits and uses. These are especially popular conservatories in Lymington because of the outstanding style.

The shape of the Victorian conservatory is characterised by a hexagonal end. These three sections are called facets and can be extended to five sections if space allows. It is these facets that give the best view of the garden, and maximise the natural light coming into the conservatory. The straight sides connecting the facets to the property that allow for more flexibility because these can be extended to bring the conservatory further into the garden.

Victorian conservatories can be glazed above a dwarf wall, or entirely made from glass. The new doorway to the garden from the conservatory can be set in one of the straight sides extending from the property, or from one of the facets at the end. French style doors are a popular choice to front these beautiful structures.

Great Prices From Day One

Swain & Rands offer a variety of home improvement services across Dorset, including areas such as Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wimborne, Poole and more. We provide our customers with peace of mind; knowing that every project is completed professionally and efficiently.

Our Victorian Conservatory Service – Why Swain and Rands?

Swain & Rands will be able to advise you on the many options you can choose from when adding a Victorian conservatory to your home. From the various different finishes to the different types of glass it is a design style that lends itself to both simplicity and yet still leaves room to add the best quality through technological innovation. Self-cleaning glass, triple glazing, or blinds that are manufactured within the glass, these can all be combined with the classic look of the Victorian era.

Interested in a Victorian conservatory in Dorset? Contact us now for your no obligation free quote or call us on: 01202536422.

Interested in an Victorian Conservatory in Dorset? Contact us now for your no obligation free quote or call us on: 01202536422.

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