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Are you looking to enjoy your garden while extending your living space? A conservatory offers the best of both worlds – a secluded spot that’s sheltered from the elements and provides an unhindered view of your garden.

Here at Swain and Rands, we design and build the finest-quality conservatories Lymington has to offer. You can discuss your requirements with us directly, by calling us today on 01202536422.

The Number One Choice for Quality Conservatories in Lymington

Here at Swain and Rands, we take great pride in being the go-to company for home improvements that include doors, windows, conservatories, orangeries, porches, and more. Customers flock to us regularly to enlist our skills and expertise when designing the best conservatories. Lymington, whatever style you require, you can rest assured that we’ll apply our market-leading knowledge to make your conservatory a reality.

For many years, we’ve built for Lymington, conservatories that stand apart from all the rest. All our conservatories are built using premium-quality materials, and all are built with energy-efficiency in mind. We can construct conservatories of all shapes and sizes. Before starting a project, we will, of course, speak with you to ascertain your specific requirements.

You can find more about our process as well as us as a company by glancing over the text below. Alternatively, to learn more about our conservatories, Lymington customers can call our team on 01202536422.


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Conservatories Lymington Residents Will Be in Awe Of

When it comes to offering a vast range of choices, Swain and Rands stand apart from all the rest. We ensure that our customers experience an incredible journey, from their initial enquiry through the design and construction phase to the final handover. Every detail of conservatories in Lymington that we construct will be carefully thought out.

We’ll sit down with you and have a lengthy discussion about the sorts of things that you look for in conservatories. Lymington, we’ll take into account your ideas and provide you with helpful advice and suggestions, always steering you towards exactly what you’ve been looking for. We’ll help you select the right features, choose the right fittings, and even advise on the right style for your home. At Swain and Rands, we offer a variety of style options, including but not limited to:

  • Edwardian
  • Victorian
  • Gable Front
  • P and T-Shaped
  • Lean-To
  • Bespoke

Once a design has been finalised, you’ll be supplied with a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll find our quotes are all fully itemised for your convenience.

Interested in a UPVC conservatory? Contact us now for your no obligation free quote or call us on: 01202536422.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

There’s one thing that you should always consider if you’re planning a conservatory extension project in Lymington. Conservatories can sometimes require planning permission, as you’re building outward from the original development. This isn’t the case for every conservatory, and determining whether or not you need to obtain permission can be tricky at times. Fortunately, our team are a wealth of knowledge and are happy to help you navigate this rather convoluted subject.

Regardless of whether you require planning permission or not, the next step is construction. As we mentioned above, this will be handled by our team of professionals, ensuring that the strictest of quality controls are adhered to throughout. We work in a way that is tidy, efficient, and respectful. Our team endeavours to finish quickly, but will only ever consider a project completed once the customer is completely satisfied.

For more information about our service and conservatories, Lymington customers need only call Swain and Rands on 01202536422.

Choose Us for the Finest Lymington Conservatories

If you’re searching for a company that delivers the best in class, look no further than Swain and Rands – your one-stop-shop for quality home improvement services. Whether you’re switching out your old windows, constructing an orangery, upgrading your doors, or considering conservatories, Lymington won’t find better anywhere else.

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No wonder so many customers have turned to us in the past to help elevate their property to the next level.

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When inquiring about conservatories, Lymington customers should give Swain and Rands a call today on 01202536422.

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Interested in a UPVC conservatory? Contact us now for your no obligation free quote or call us on: 01202536422.

Types of Conservatories

P-Shaped Conservatories

Our P-shaped conservatories are perfect for larger, detached properties. This type of conservatory combines the features of a lean-to conservatory and a Victorian one, which can be both 3 and 5 faceted.

Bespoke Conservatories

A bespoke conservatory will be specifically designed to suit all of your personal tastes and requirements. Going bespoke doesn’t mean going broke – our tailored structures are offered at very affordable prices!

Edwardian Conservatories

These types of conservatories are known for their traditional appearance and classic rectangular shape. The perfect choice for homes of any size and style.

T-Shaped Conservatories

With a T-shaped conservatory, you can benefit from a combination style featuring a central projection. It’s a versatile choice as you’ll be able to create two unique spaces within a single room.

Solid Roof Conservatories

Lean-to Roof conservatories benefit from large glass panels that allow for ample natural light to flood your property. Sunlight intake has numerous health benefits, so take advantage of this great option today.

Victorian Conservatories

Perhaps the most enduring and popular design available, Victorian conservatories are a testament to how celebrating tradition is a good idea. Property owners will benefit from the maximisation of natural light and outside views.

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